söndag 5 december 2010

Branden under kontroll

Myndigheterna i Israel meddelar att branden nu är under kontroll. Premiärminister Netanyahu säger att det inte behövs mera hjälp från utlandet.

PM: Air Force has enough int'l assistance to fight fires

Foreign police officer: 80% of Carmel fire contained

Palestinian firefighters come to Israel's aid

Map of fires raging in Carmel

US Super Tanker completes second run in Carmel fire
The aircraft arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport in the pre-dawn hours Sunday morning. Unlike other water-dropping planes sent by various countries, the Super Tanker is able to operate at night and can drop 21,000 gallons (80,000 liters) of water in a single run, 16 times more water than other planes.

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