söndag 23 januari 2011

Army of Islam från Gaza bakom attacken mot kristna i Egypten

Egyptens inrikesminister säger att nyårsdagens attack mot kristna i Alexandria utfördes av gruppen Army of Islam från Gaza. Gruppen är kopplad till Al-Qaida. I attacken dödades 21 personer.
Cairo says Gaza terror group behind Coptic church attack (Jerusalem Post)
Egypt blames Palestinian group for New Years' Day church bombing (Haaretz)
"Egypt's interior minister said on Sunday the government had proof that the Army of Islam, a Palestinian group linked to Al-Qaida, was behind the New Year's Day bombing of a church that killed 23 people.
Officials had suspected an Al-Qaida -inspired bomber was behind the blast that ripped through a crowd outside the church in the city of Alexandria, prompting protests by Christians that the state had not done enough to protect them..."

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