onsdag 5 januari 2011

Borde Israel förhandla med Hamas?

Det finns många som anser att Israel borde förhandla med Hamas.
Jonathan Halevi har skrivit en artikel där han belyser var Hamas står idag och utgående från den informationen kan man konstatera att det finns inget att förhandla om. Hamas mål är fortsättningsvis att förinta Israel och enligt Hamas uttalanden måste judarna endera fly eller dö.
Talking to Hamas?
"Despite the increased calls for dialogue with the terror organization, there is no evidence of a new pragmatism among its leadership, only greater indications of a much harder line.
IN FACT, recently there was a new opportunity to investigate current trends in Hamas ideology. Last month, Hamas marked the 23rd anniversary of its establishment with an official booklet entitled The Path of Glory, which includes statements by Hamas military leaders alongside statistical data on terror actions.Muhammad Deif, head of Hamas’s military wing, wrote: “The Kassam Brigades... are better prepared to continue on our exclusive path to which there is no alternative, and that is the path of jihad and the fight against the enemies of the Muslim nation and mankind... We say to our enemies: You are going on the path to extinction, (zawal), and Palestine will remain ours including Jerusalem, Al-Aksa, its towns and villages from the sea to the river, from its north to its south. You have no right to even an inch of it.”

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