tisdag 8 mars 2011

Kvinnor i IDF

Med anledning av internationella kvinnodagen har IDF uppmärksammat kvinnorna i armén.
Här en video om vilka olika uppgifter kvinnorna kan ha i IDF:

Women in the IDF
In celebration of International Women’s Day, and in honor of the contribution women make to the IDF, the following is a small portion of the interesting and noteworthy roles women hold throughout their service. Women have served in the IDF since its inception, and in Israeli defense organizations before the creation of the State of Israel (exceptional women such as Hannah Senesh and Sarah Aaronsohn, for example). Each year, 1,500 female combat soldiers are drafted into the IDF, a number which has remained consistent in recent years. Female soldiers also play crucial roles in command and control positions, commanding positions, and many others...

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