tisdag 30 juli 2013

Förföljelse av kristna i den muslimska världen

Bruce Thornton skriver utgående från boken  Crucified Again (av Raymond Ibrahim) att förföljelsen av kristna idag är mer omfattande än någonsin tidigare under historien.
Enligt artikeln uppskattas  100 - 200 miljoner kristna leva under sådana förhållanden att de förföljs för sin tro.
Förföljelsen är vanligast i de muslimska länderna, av de 50 värsta länderna är 42 muslimska eller länder med en betydande muslimsk befolkning.
Förföljelsen av kristna är något som media i väst inte rapporterar om och om man gör det vinklar man ofta rapporteringen så att det skall finnas en logisk orsak till förföljelsen.
När det gäller förföljelse av kristna i den muslimska världen går den tillbaka till koranen och tidig islamsk tradition. Det är tillräcklig orsak till förföljelse att man är kristen och lever som kristen.

"...Unfortunately, as Ibrahim writes, the century-long flourishing of Middle Eastern Christians “has created chronological confusions and intellectual pitfalls for Westerners” who take the “hundred-year lull in persecution” as the norm. In fact, that century was an anomaly, and after World War I, traditional Islamic attitudes and doctrines began to reassert themselves, a movement that accelerated in the 1970s. The result is the disappearance of Christianity in the land of its birth. In 1900, twenty percent of the Middle East was Christian. Today, less than two percent is.

Having corrected our distorted historical perspective, Ibrahim then lays out the justifying doctrines of Islam that have made such persecution possible during the fourteen centuries of Muslim encounters with non-Muslims. The foundations can be found in the Koran, which Muslims take to be the words of God. There “infidels” are defined as “they who say Allah is one of three” or “Allah is the Christ, [Jesus] son of Mary”––that is, explicitly Christian. As such, according to the Koran, they must be eliminated or subjugated. The most significant verse that guides Muslim treatment of Christians and Jews commands Muslims to wage war against infidels until they are conquered, pay tribute, and acknowledge their humiliation and submission.

In the seventh century, the second Caliph, Omar bin al-Khattab, promulgated the “Conditions of Omar” that specified in more detail how Christians should be treated. These conditions proscribe building churches or repairing existing ones, performing religious processions in public, exhibiting crosses, praying near Muslims, proselytizing, and preventing conversion to Islam, in addition to rules governing how Christians dress, comport themselves, and treat Muslims.
“If they refuse this,” Omar said, “it is the sword without leniency.” These rules have consistently determined treatment of Christians for fourteen centuries, and Muslims regularly cite violations of these rules as the justifying motives for their attacks. As a Saudi Sheikh said recently in a mosque sermon, “If they [Christians] violate these conditions, they have no protection.” From Morocco to Indonesia, Christians are attacked and murdered because they allegedly have tried to renovate a church, proselytized among Muslims, or blasphemed against Mohammed––all reasons consistent with Koranic injunctions codified in laws and the curricula of school textbooks...)

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