tisdag 14 april 2015

Iran vald att bevaka kvinnors rättigheter i FN

Ännu ett exempel på hur FN fungerar.(inte fungerar)
Iran rankas som ett av de länder där kvinnornas rättigheter sämst respekteras. Iran ligger på plats 137 av 142 länder ( Global Gender Gap Index of the World Economic Forum).
Nu har Iran fått en hög post inom FN för att bevaka kvinnors rättigheter, landet har valts in i the Executive Board of the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality .
 Hillel Neuer från UN Watch säger att det är som att välja en pyroman till brandchef och en förolämpning mot kvinnorna i Iran och mot alla som arbetar för kvinnors rättigheter.
 Iran Wins Top Seat on UN Women Board; Unlike Before, US & EU Fail to Back Alternative Candidate, Possibly in Deference to Nuclear Talks

Iranian Journalist Masih Alinejad Condemns Election of Regime
Writing to 700,000 followers of her Facebook page for Iranian women’s rights, journalist Masih Alinejad, winner of the 2015 Geneva Summit Women’s Rights Award, called the election “an insult to many Iranian women who are suffering from the lack of equal rights.”
“The existing laws in my country do not allow me as a woman to walk in public without wearing the veil; I, as a woman, do not even have the freedom to choose my own dress. The laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran do not allow me to travel or get an education without the permission of my husband. I cannot even get married without the permission of my father.”
“The laws in my country do not allow women to sing solo as our voice allegedly runs the risk of provoking men. Under laws of the Islamic Republic, my share of inheritance is half of that of my male relatives. Under the laws of the Islamic Republic, just last year more than 18,000 women ended up in court for being ‘badly veiled.’ UN Women was created by the United Nations as a body for gender equality and for the empowerment of women. If so, isn’t it an insult to women to give the leadership role to those governments that oppress their own women?”

 UN Watch letter to EU

UN Watch letter to Ban Ki-moon

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