onsdag 29 april 2015

Israel på plats med fältsjukhus i Nepal

Det israeliska fältsjukhuset i Nepal är nu klar att ta emot ca 200 patienter i dygnet.
Enligt The Times of Israel har Israel mer räddningsmanskap på plats i Nepal än alla andra stater tillsammans.
WATCH: IDF field hospital opens doors in earthquake-ravaged Nepal 

Israel sets up field hospital in Kathmandu (MFA)
"The 260-member IDF disaster team sent to Nepal in the wake of the earthquake there includes 40 medical personnel on a mission to save lives. One of their priorities is to set up a field hospital near Kathmandu. "The team brought the most recent technology possible," explains Lt. Col. Asi Hempel, a doctor in the IDF's Medical Corps. "The field hospital will be equipped with everything: x-rays, operating rooms that will work 24/7, laboratories and more."

The hospital will have the ability to receive and provide care for around 200 patients a day. "Israel's top specialists for traumatic injuries are among the medical team in Nepal," says Lt. Col. Hempel..."

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