måndag 27 april 2015

Ny tabbe från Human Right Watch

Israel hör till de länder som varit snabbast med att sända hjälp till det jordbävningsdrabbade Nepal. Måndag morgon flög 80 personer iväg och de följs av ytterligare 170 personer och ett fältsjukhus.
Hur reagerar HRW? Jo, direktören Kenneth Roth skrev på Twitter:Easier to address a far-away humanitarian disaster than the nearby one of Israel's making in Gaza. End the blockade! 
De som tidigare följt med HRW:s rapportering vet att att det finns ett Israelhat inom organisationen, nu fick man ytterligare ett bevis.
Human Rights Watch’s Disaster Effort (Honest Reporting)
"The obvious fact that there is a partial blockade of Gaza (humanitarian goods are allowed in) because of the terrorist group Hamas’ efforts to rearm is completely lost on Roth. Nor is the fact that Gaza is blockaded by Egypt on one border. No, for the Executive Director of this group — in theory dedicated to fighting human rights abuse — the situation can be summed up in a simple, Twitter-friendly slogan: “End the Blockade!”
But the real outrage is his disdain for Israel’s humanitarian efforts that are saving lives after the earthquake and avalanche. Roth sits in the HRW office in a NYC highrise on Fifth Avenue sending out his demeaning tweets. At the same time, Israelis are on the ground in Nepal, treating the wounded and searching for more bodies in the snow and the ice.
Just who is doing more to protect human rights?
Without a doubt, the media will continue to use Human Rights Watch as a credible source. If you see the group being touted as objective experts in the media you read, contact the news organization and point out that real agenda of HRW."

IDF search and rescue team, field hospital to depart for Nepal tonight

Israel responds to earthquake in Nepal (MFA)

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