tisdag 14 april 2015

Vad vill Obama egentligen?

Ett försök att analysera Obama och hans politik av David Parsons:
Unmasking the real Obama doctrine
" Even so, six years in and we are still trying to figure out where President Obama is trying to steer the course of world affairs. The reset with Russia, the shunning of Europe, the anticipated pivot to Asia – where have they taken us? Does he really have a clear direction? Or are we witnessing a hopelessly random series of events that has left the world twisting in the wind, with the Middle East in particular caught in an utter free fall...
...My own take is that Obama is indeed motivated in part by a leftist worldview but also by a religious outlook that is best described as Chrislam. This is an emerging theological viewpoint which sees both Christianity and Islam as equal paths to God and equally valid sources of moral precepts, and Obama has developed his own unique brand of it..."

The author, a media and public relations director with the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, is an attorney, minister and Middle East specialist who served for seven years as a contributing editor for ‘The Jerusalem Post Christian Edition’

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