onsdag 11 november 2015

EU antog i dag riktlinjerna för märkning av israeliska produkter

EU kommissionen antog i dag de riktlinjer som uppgjorts för att märka israeliska produkter som producerats i territorier som Israel ockuperade i juni 1967 säger en EU talesman.
Från EU håll försöker man påstå att det bara är fråga om tekniska detaljer men i Israel är man av en helt annan åsikt och tydligen också i USA.
När det anti-israeliska tåget drar i gång finns tydligen inga förnuftsskäl som kan stoppas det!
I Israel är det bara yttervänstern och arabpartiet som ser något gott i beslutet. Här några israeliska röster:
Israel: 'Discriminatory’ EU decision to label settlement products may harm ties with Brussels
“We regret that the EU took this politically motivated and unusual and discriminatory step, that it learned from the world of boycotts,” the Foreign Ministry said in a harshly worded statement...

...There are 200 territorial conflicts in the world and the EU has not weighed in favor of one side over the other by marking products as “not made” in one of those countries, it said.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked called the decision "anti-Israel and anti-Jewish," and said she plans to look into possible legal action against the EU.
"The European hypocrisy and their hatred of Israel has crossed every line," she stated. "It's interesting that they do not label products from the Western Sahara or [northern] Cyprus."

Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid took to Twitter to write: "Jews are being stabbed in the streets & the EU has given in to BDS. This decision discriminates against Israel & encourages terrorism."

MK Tzipi Livni (Zionist Union) pointed out that Israel does have some room to make sure the decision does not have disastrous results, because each EU country can decide whether to adopt it or not.
"Israel must go from country to country and convince them not to adopt the decision," she stated. "

MK Itzik Shmuly (Zionist Union) said the EU's decision was "stupid, harmful and unhelpful, which leaves a stain on Europe's forehead."
According to Shmuly, "residents of Hamburg or Copenhagen do not really understand where the Green Line starts and ends, and the decision will end up leading to a boycott of all of Israel.
"Unfortunately, Europe decided to shamefully strengthen those who lead the campaign of boycotting Israel, whose goal is to erase Israel from the map and not to promote peace," Shmuly added. 

MK Michael Oren (Kulanu), a former ambassador to the US, told The Jerusalem Post that he thinks labeling settlement products is anti-Semitic.
"There are 200 land disputes around the world, and they single us out, and say it's not anti-Semitic?" he asked, incredulously.

Avi Ro'eh, who heads the Council of Jewish Communities of Judea and Samaria, wrote an angry letter to the European Union's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, in which he said that the decision would only further fan the flames of the already violent conflict.
“At a time when Palestinian terrorism is running high across Israel, the EU has decided to boycott the industrial areas in Judea and Samaria which are islands of peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Businesses like these, in which Arabs and Jews work together, should be used as the gold standard for peace, not boycotted. If the EU wants to see real coexistence, they should come and visit Judea and Samaria, then it would be clear they are labeling the wrong people," Ro'eh said.

European Jewish Congress: EU singling out Israel, profits from Turkey's occupation of Cyprus 
 “...After studying the issue deeply we have concluded that there are no comparable guidelines for any other territorial dispute or what are perceived as occupations anywhere else in the world,” Kantor said. “In fact, in many other disputes the EU actually supports or profits from an internationally designated occupation, so there is certainly a very strong element of double-standards applied to the Jewish State.”

Kantor said that the EU has failed to respond to queries as to why Israel is singled out "even though we see it signing agreements to profit from and contributing to Morocco’s occupation of Western Sahara and Turkey’s occupation of Northern Cyprus.”

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