onsdag 18 november 2015

Palestinian Media Watch attackerades

PMW som följer med och rapporterar om vad som sägs och skrivs på arabiska i palestinsk media har utsatts för attacker på deras webbsida och samtidigt har YouTube stängt deras konto där de visar vilken hatpropaganda som förekommer i palestinsk media.

Attacks on PMW's social media
Cyber-attack on PMW's website forces temporary closure
YouTube prevents PMW from uploading videos
Palestinian Media Watch has been instrumental in documenting the Palestinian Authority's support for the current Palestinian terror campaign.
Yesterday, PMW's website came under cyber-attack. Hosting.com, one of the top hosting companies on whose server PMW's website is located, was forced to close down our website. They also refused to reopen the website until PMW purchased extra security for the website from another company, fearing that further attacks might disrupt the activity on their network and harm the other clients on their servers.
In addition, today, PMW was notified by YouTube that due to a series of complaints that our videos violate the Terms of Usage, PMW can no longer upload videos to YouTube. However, PMW is performing an important service by exposing and documenting the PA hate speech and terror promotion. That is not a violation of Terms of Usage.
PMW assumes that it is not coincidental that the cyber-attack and complaints to YouTube are coming at a time that PMW is exposing the PA and Fatah glorification and support for the terrorists and murderers, and supplying this information to governments, parliaments, and the media worldwide.
PMW asks our friends with contacts in YouTube to contact them and request they reopen our YouTube account named "palwatch".
Thank you for your support and assistance,
Itamar Marcus

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