tisdag 3 november 2015

Varför ljuger stormuftin av Jerusalem

Ett försök att förklara varför stormuftin av Jerusalem ljuger och går emot även islamsk tradition.
Why does he lie? 
" Monday, 26 October 2015. The foremost legal scholar of Islam in Jerusalem is the Grand Mufti, Muhammad Hussein. He recently asserted that the first man, Adam, perhaps with the help of angels, built today’s Dome of the Rock, the 1,300-year-old Islamic shrine that sits atop the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City. Accordingly, he said, the site has been an Islamic mosque “3,000 years ago and 30,000 years ago.”

Hussein made the assertions during an Arabic interview on Israel’s News Channel 2. As he has before, he vehemently denied that the site was ever the place of Judaism’s Temples, not the first, built by Solomon, nor the second, refurbished by Herod the Great. Indeed, according to Hussein, it exclusively has been an Islamic holy site “since the creation of the world...”

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