måndag 14 november 2016

Israel har världens bästa fältsjukhus

Israeliska försvarsmakten har världens bästa fältsjukhus. Enligt WHO:s regler har Israel det enda fältsjukhuset i världen av typ 3. Fältsjukhus bestående av 30 tält kan sättas upp i princip var som helst inom tolv timmar.
Sjukhuset har bland annat 86 bäddplatser och fyra operationsrum.
Det israeliska fältsjukhuset hör vanligen  till de första hjälpinsatserna som är på plats när en större katastrof inträffar i världen.

UN ranks IDF emergency medical team as ‘No. 1 in the world’ (The Times of Israel)
The United Nation’s World Health Organization recognized the Israeli army’s field hospital, which is regularly sent abroad to provide aid at natural disaster sites, as “the number one in the world” in a ceremony last week, classifying it as its first and only “Type 3” field hospital, according to its commander, Lt. Col. (res.) Dr. Ofer Merin.

...A Type 1 medical team can offer first aid and other immediate emergency care on an outpatient basis, meaning the victims do not remain in the hospital for extended periods of time; a Type 2 has at least 20 beds for inpatients and can perform 7-15 surgeries per day; and a Type 3 has twice as many inpatient beds, an intensive care unit and can perform 15-30 surgeries per day, as well as provide a host of other services, including rehabilitation.

Israel’s field hospital blows past some of these requirements: A Type 3 field hospital needs 40 inpatient beds, Israel’s has 86. A Type 3 needs two operating rooms, Israel’s has four.

...Israel, in addition to its Type 3 designation, was also recognized for its abilities in the latter two categories, plastic surgery and OB/GYN care, making it a “Type 3 plus.”

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