måndag 28 november 2016

Palestinska reaktioner på bränderna i Israel

Palestinian Media Watch har sammanställt de palestinska reaktionerna på bränderna i Israel.

Mixed official Palestinian reactions to fires in Israel

There were a range of reactions from official Palestinian Authority sources, which included:
1. Support for the decision to help extinguish the fires as a humanitarian gesture (Head of PA Civil Defense Forces)

2. Accusing Israel of racism for reporting that many fires were started by Arabs (PA Foreign Ministry, official PA daily)

3. Denying Israel's existence: “What is burning are our [Palestinian] trees and our historical Palestinian land” (Fatah)

4. Israel’s difficulty with the fires is sign of weakness and that “nakedness of the Israeli death state has been exposed.” (Op-ed in the official PA daily)

5. Israelis will now emigrate - seeing Israel's weakness in firefighting and since the “Israeli Jew does not adhere to the land" (Op-ed in the official PA daily)

6. Accusation that Israelis started some of the fires - “Extremist groups of settlers [set the fires] in order to complete their takeover of these areas." (PA Foreign Ministry)

7. Allah is punishing Israel (Fatah-Lebanon)

8. Acknowledgment that Israel expressed thanks and credit to Palestinians for helping publicly and widely (Official PA daily)

9. Criticism of Israel for supposedly not publicly expressing thanks and credit to Palestinians (PA Foreign Ministry)

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