måndag 11 februari 2013

Ma'an News Agency förnekar Förintelsen

Efter att PMW den 30 januari rapporterat att palestinska Ma'an News Agency ( som stöds med europeiska pengar)  publicerat en antisemitisk artikel togs den bort inom några timmar men följande dag publicerades en artikel där man påstår att Förintelsen är en myt som judarna hittat på för att uppnå olika mål.
Enligt Ma'an dog det förhållandevis inte fler judar än andra folkgrupper under kriget.
I artikeln sägs det också att Yad Vashem byggts i det ockuperade Jerusalem trots att Yad Vashem befinner sig i västra Jerusalem, på den israeliska sidan av den så kallade Gröna linjen.
Läs mera här: European-funded Ma'an published Holocaust denial (PMW)

The following is the article published by Ma'an a day after removing Antisemitic content:

"On the ostensible 'Holocaust' memorial day"
"The Jews have excelled at promoting what they call the 'Holocaust'. Every year the Zionists hold ceremonies in this place or that to commemorate its so-called Memorial Day with minutes of silence, reading out names of victims, and by visits to a monument in occupied Jerusalem. Even the Zionist Knesset (Israeli Parliament) dedicates hours on this so-called Memorial Day to talk about it. At the present time the Zionists are marking the 68th anniversary of the creation of the 'Holocaust' myth, through events and activities.

By means of the false propaganda machine, the Jews have succeeded in achieving many goals by using the 'Holocaust'. As such, they hate anyone who tries to investigate or research the history of the 'Holocaust' and Jewish lies and claims according to which Nazi leader Adolph Hitler cremated six million Jews in a Nazi detention camp at Auschwitz in Poland...

Many Jewish goals were achieved by having these lies disseminated throughout the world. They took advantage of them to win sympathy and acquire aid in establishing an entity for themselves on Palestinian land. This despicable dream came true upon the skulls and body parts of our fathers.

Similarly, by means of [these] lies the Jews managed to raise a great deal of money from Europe as Zionist politicians travel around the world and tell these lies. There isn't one president or [world] leader who visits the state of the thieving entity, without standing at the 'Yad Vashem' monument constructed by 'Israel' in occupied [West] Jerusalem.

Many historians have denied [the Holocaust] and agree that there is no basis for [claims about] what happened to the Jews in Germany and that they were cremated in gas chambers...

When American judge Steven Peter visited the Dachau site in order to check out the Nazi detention camps and extermination sites, he stated that the number of Jewish victims of the Nazis in no way approaches [even] one million... (Note: PMW was unable to substantiate any such visit or claim. Ed.)

Similarly, revisionist historians have exposed the false numbers presented by Zionist institutions in the United States relating to the imagined slaughter of six million Jews. The revisionist writers have explained how a few hundred thousand Jews died in World War II, just like others died during the war whose victims number [a total of] 45 million - 22 million of whom were Soviets, for example - in addition to wounded, refugees, and disabled.

Research into the Jews' claims and lies regarding the 'Holocaust' has cost the lives of many historians, and they paid a heavy price for publishing the facts. Many historians who researched the subject were assassinated, were fired from their jobs at their research centers and universities, [were made to] pay unfair fines, and were subject to smear campaigns, social boycott, and political persecution. One of Britain's greatest contemporary historians, David Irving, was prosecuted because of his book Hitler's War, and he was arrested for having denied the existence of the gas chambers that German forces used in a detention camp. Similarly, he denied that there were acts of slaughter aimed at the Jews..."
[Ma'an, Jan. 31, 2013

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