tisdag 12 januari 2016

Målet är att eliminera Israel

I december hölls en årlig konferens "the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine" i Beirut. I konferensen deltog de flesta betydande parterna i kriget mot Israel, PLO, Hamas Islamsk Jihad och Hizbollah.
Här en rapport från MEMRI:

Hizbullah Deputy Secretary-General Na'im Qassem At Beirut Conference For Palestine: Our Goal Is To Eliminate Israel

On December 8, 2015, the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine held its third annual conference in Beirut, under the title "Support the Al-Quds Intifada." The conference was attended by 300 activists and NGO representatives from 60 countries around the world, including representatives of Hizbullah and of Palestinian organizations such as the PLO, Hamas and Islamic Jihad.
Among the speakers at the conference were Hizbullah deputy secretary-general Na'im Qassem, Hamas political bureau deputy head Isma'il Haniya, Islamic Jihad deputy secretary-general Ziad Al-Nakhala, Archbishop Atallah Hanna (Theodosios) of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, PLO secretary in Lebanon Fathi Abu Al-Ardat, and others. Some of the speeches included calls to eliminate Israel. For example, Hizbullah deputy secretary-general Na'im Qassem said that "eliminating Israel will remain the goal to which we aspire," and the chairman of the International Union of Resistance Clerics in Lebanon, Maher Al-Hammoud, likewise spoke of "eliminating the Zionist entity."[1]
Qassem, who was one of the prominent speakers at the conference, also praised the stabbing and vehicular attacks carried out by Palestinians in Israel, calling them "resistance operations"; stated that the right of return was part of the liberation of Palestine; warned against accepting any settlement with Israel; and stressed that all of Hizbullah's actions were for the sake of Palestine and that Iran, too, supported the Palestinian cause politically, militarily, financially and culturally. He stated further that the Sunni terrorist organizations in the region were part of Israel's regional plan, and demanded that the Arab and Muslim world return the Palestinian cause to the top of its agenda. At the same time, he urged the Palestinians not to interfere in Arab matters that do not concern them directly, threatening that, if they do, the resistance will remove their cause from its agenda.
Palestinian speakers at the conference likewise praised the current intifada and called to continue it, while exhorting the Arab and Muslim world to support it and to place the Palestinian cause at the head of its agenda again, and not to relinquish the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homes.
The conference's closing statement called, inter alia, to ingrain the Palestinian cause in the consciousness of the  Arabs, the Muslims and the world; promote the boycott of Israel and punish anyone pursuing normalization with it; and promote the rights of the Palestinians while employing all means sanctioned by international resolutions to protect it and underscore the right of return.[2]
Towards the end of the conference several individuals and organizations were given awards, including 'Ahd Al-Tamimi, a young Palestinian woman who, at the age of 14, struck an Israeli soldier, and Greek sociologist Vangelis Pissias, who organized flotillas to Gaza.
Below are translated excerpts from Qassem's lengthy address, and, following that, from other speeches that were delivered at the conference:   

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