tisdag 19 januari 2016

Mer om maktkampen i Mellanöstern

 USA drar sig i enlighet med Obamas politik ur Mellanöstern. Ryssland kommer in i stället och det kan skapa stora problem för Israel.Hotet från Ryssland är av en helt annan kaliber än hotet från arabstaterna.
Our World: Israel and the Russian challenge av Caroline B.Glick Jerusalem Post 
"Israel’s military and political leaders are right to be concerned about the implications of Russia’s return to Syria. And it is far from clear that there is a way to credibly minimize the dangers. But, since we’re not going anywhere, we will have to make the best of a bad situation.

Whatever we do, we must reconcile ourselves to the fact that unless the next US president rejects Obama’s entire Middle East policy and shepherds the military and financial resources to abandon it, on Russia, Iran and beyond, Israel will have to fend for itself for the foreseeable future."

En artikel om Irans roll i maktkampen:
The price of American weakness

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