onsdag 9 mars 2016

Flera terrorattacker det senaste dygnet

Två terrorattacker i dag på morgonen i Jerusalem, tre attacker i går, i Jerusalem, Petah Tikva och Tel-Aviv (Jaffa).
En amerikansk turist dödades i Jaffa och ett tiotal personer skadades i attackerna. För en del är tillståndet kritiskt.

US tourist killed, 12 wounded in Tel Aviv stabbing spree (Jerusalem Post)
An American tourist was murdered and 12 people wounded Tuesday, including a pregnant woman, as a Palestinian terrorist went on a stabbing rampage on the Tel Aviv seashore before being killed by police.
Among the wounded were four American tourists, including the critically injured wife of the 29-year old murdered man.

Taylor Force, Vanderbilt grad student, identified as Jaffa terror fatality

Terrorists suspected of conducting two attacks in Jerusalem; One critically wounded

Female Arab assailant shot dead after attempting to stab Border Police officer in Old City

Biden: US condemns international failure to denounce Palestinian terror attacks (Jerusalem Post)
“Let me say in no uncertain terms the US condemns these acts and condemns the failure to condemn these acts,” Biden said in Jerusalem on Wednesday at a joint press conference with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
"They are targeting innocent civilians, mothers, pregnant women, grandfathers [and] American citizens. 

“There can be no justification for this violence. The US stands firmly behind Israel’s right to defend itself,” Biden said."

Official Palestinian TV calls Jaffa terrorist a ‘martyr,’ victims ‘settlers’

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