söndag 20 mars 2016

Nästan omöjligt att få media att rätta felaktig information om Israel

Det tog nästan ett halvt år innan Time Magazine rättade en artikel där en palestinsk terrorist som dödat tre israeler beskrevs som ett offer för israeliskt våld.
Rättelsen kom motvilligt efter påtryckningar från israelisk sida. Inget som ger heder åt journalisterna på Time Magazine.

Screen capture of Time Magazine's article about Baha Allyan, which came under fire from Israel's Government Press Office. (screen capture: Time Magazine)
Screen capture of Time Magazine’s article about Baha Allyan, which came under fire from Israel’s Government Press Office. (screen capture: Time Magazine)

After ‘shaming’ by Israel, Time corrects story that depicted terrorist as victim (The Times of Israel)
An Israeli group contacted Time Magazine correspondent Rebecca Collard, who wrote the story, on October 18 and received no response. The Government Press Office contacted Collard on February 25, presented the facts and demanded a correction. Neither recognition nor correction of the erroneous article resulted. When contacted again, Time magazine correspondent Collard wrote to the GPO on March 4: “I’ve forwarded your concerns to my editors.”

“Another reminder and a letter to the Time International editor did not help and the article still — five months after the attack — presents the murderer of three civilians as a seemingly innocent Palestinian graphic designer who was inexplicably killed by Israel,” the GPO said in its post on Thursday. “Israel has been criticized recently for confronting some of the foreign media with accusations of bias. Let the reader be the judge.”

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