fredag 28 juli 2017

Analys av händelserna kring Tempelberget

Ett totalt fiasko är den bedömning man kan ge Israels försök att förbättra säkerheten vid Tempelberget med metalldetektorer och kameror.
Israel gav efter för alla krav från den muslimska myndighet som förvaltar Tempelberget och har monterat ner all utrustning.
Muslimerna stärktes i sin uppfattning att judarna inget har att göra på platsen.

Temple Mount crisis saw PM failing under pressure and showed Abbas ready to go to war (The Times of Israel)
Unfortunately, one cannot argue with the conclusion of Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett and his friends on the right: Israel’s deterrent capability has indeed been harmed in this crisis. The Palestinians — the public and the decision-makers — sense weakness on the part of the State of Israel, especially its prime minister. Sadly, nonetheless, the government’s capitulation became a necessity given the looming threat of bloodshed. Sometimes one has to know when to withdraw.

“This place is holy to Muslims alone, no one else,” insisted Ayad al-Ayoubi, a resident of the Muslim Quarter and one of the worshipers.

“The people responsible for this place are Muslims, and if they [Muslims] want to make changes, they can, but the government of Israel is a government of occupation and according to international law they occupied this land and they have no rights to change these things here in Jerusalem.”

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