torsdag 20 juli 2017

Situationen på Tempelberget

För 50 år sedan när Israel fick kontroll över hela Jerusalem, också Tempelberget, gjorde Israel kanske ett av sina största misstag. Israel lät Jordanien fortsätta att ha ansvaret för Tempelberget.Efter det råder det inte religionsfrihet på Tempelberget, det är bara muslimer som har rätt att be där trots att det är judarnas heligaste plats. Det är också bakgrunden till att muslimerna protesterar mot alla åtgärder Israel företar sig i närheten av Tempelberget, det må gälla arkeologiska utgrävningar eller de nu aktuella metalldetektorerna.
Muslimernas fredagsbön kommer att vara den kritiska punkten, kommer situationen att lugna ner sig eller kommer den att utvecklas till allvarligare oroligheter.

On Temple Mount, Israel long since made its fundamental compromise (The Times of Israel)
Op-ed: Rightly or wrongly, the Jewish state voluntarily gave up control of its holiest place 50 years ago; any tweak it makes now to try to prevent a new wave of violence is marginal by comparison

 To put it really crudely then, Arabs killed Arabs at a holy place, the Jews are trying to ensure that it doesn’t happen again, and the Arab world is furious with the Jews about it.

And no compromise agreed to by Israel today could compare in its repercussions to the impact of that agreement 50 years ago, which has empowered a Palestinian and wider Muslim false narrative that asserts the Jews actually have no connection to the Mount, no history there, no legitimacy there — and by extension no sovereign legitimacy in Israel either. Why did defense minister Moshe Dayan’s concession on June 10, 1967, fuel that false narrative? Because, the way it was perceived in much of the Muslim world, the Jews could not and would not have relinquished their authority over the site if it truly constituted the most sacred physical focal point of their faith. Israel’s restraint, its religious realpolitik, in other words, has come to be regarded as proof of our illegitimacy. And of our duplicity. We were not the returning liberators; we were interlopers, who could and would be resisted until we returned to whence we ostensibly came.

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