fredag 28 juli 2017

Fatah firar segern

Fatahs Facebooksida:

"The Palestinian people, the nation of giants"

Text on cartoon: "Victory is better than sleep" - apparently meant to encourage Palestinians to celebrate their "victory" into the night. [Official Fatah Facebook page, July 27, 2017]

Israel's decision to take down the metal detectors at the entrances to the Temple Mount is being portrayed by Fatah as a decision made out of fear.

The cartoon above, which shows Palestinians at the Temple Mount by the Dome of the Rock cheering in victory as metal detectors run away from them in fear, 

Fatah cartoon: 

Israel removed metal detectors out of fear

Arab media mocks Temple Mount capitulation in cartoons
Den som ger efter är svag och bör därför hånas är tydligen det arabiska tänkesättet.

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