torsdag 22 januari 2015

Hamas rekryterar barn till "befrielsearmé"

Hamas rekryterar barn och ungdomar till en "Befrielse armé". Ungdomar mellan 15 och 21 år är välkomna,skriver Khaled Abu Toameh.

"...The preparations for the establishment of the "Liberation Army" are taking place at a time when Hamas is complaining about the lack of support for reconstructing the Gaza Strip in the aftermath of the last military confrontation with Israel.
Instead of directing its resources and efforts toward the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, Hamas is recruiting Palestinian teenagers for its jihad against Israel. Hamas will use these teenagers and Palestinian civilians as human shields in the next war with Israel.

Hamas is continuing to lead Palestinians toward the path of destruction and death. Mahmoud Abbas's Palestinian Authority, which signed a reconciliation pact with Hamas last year, cannot avoid responsibility for Hamas's actions, especially given the fact that the two parties are part of the Palestinian "national consensus government."
But Hamas and Abbas feel that the Europeans and many others in the international community do not really care about the exploitation and indoctrination of Palestinian children.
It is worth noting that Abbas and his Palestinian Authority have failed to come out against Hamas's drive to form the "Liberation Army." This is because they either approve of Hamas's plans or are too scared to voice their opposition to a plan that seems to be winning wide support among Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip.
Instead of coming out against Hamas's plans, Abbas is busy with what his advisors describe as the "Palestinian legal war" against Israel in the UN, ICC and other international forums. While Abbas is waging his "legal war," Hamas is making real preparations for its other battle, namely the destruction of Israel..."

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