onsdag 7 januari 2015

Krigsförbrytelser mot palestinier

Palestina, staten som inte finns, kommer antagligen att bli medlem i Internationella brottmålsdomstolen (ICC) från och med den 1 april.
Den främsta orsaken till medlemsansökan är att de palestinska (terrorist)ledarna vill få israeler ställda inför rätta för krigsförbrytelser.
Khaled Abu Toameh har skrivit en artikel om verkliga krigsförbrytelser mot palestinierna som ingen verkar bry sig om.

"And who ever heard of the case of Zaki al-Hobby, a 17-year old Palestinian who was shot and killed last weekend by Egyptian border guards? Had he been shot by Israeli soldiers on the other side of the border, the EU and UN would have called for an international commission of inquiry.
The stories of the Palestinians tortured to death in an Arab prison have also failed to win the attention of the Western media. Nor have the EU and the UN, which called for an investigation into the death of Abu Ein -- who died of a heart attack while in a confrontation with an Israeli soldier -- deemed it necessary to tackle the plight of the Palestinians being killed and tortured to death in Syria and other Arab countries.
As far as the Palestinian Authority is concerned — and the media, the EU, the UN and human rights groups — the only "war crimes" are being committed by Israelis, and not by Arabs who are killing, torturing and displacing tens of thousands of Palestinians. And all this is happening while the international community and media continue to display an obsession only with everything connected to Israel."
 Såhär beskriver Fatah på sin facebooksida vad man förväntar sig av ICC. Text: "snart". (PMW)

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