fredag 6 februari 2015

Ett nytt exempel på EU:s hyckleri

EU fördömer Israel varje gång Israel tillkännager nya byggplaner i bosättningarna i Judéen, Samarien och östra Jerusalem.
Samtidigt är EU med och bygger olagliga bostäder för palestinierna på område C av västbanken där Israel enligt Osloavtalet skall ha full kontroll.
"Humanitär hjälp" kallar man det från EU.
Hyckleri är väl ordet man kan använda om EU:s Israelpolitik.

Report: EU building hundreds of illegal structures for Palestinians in Area C of West Bank 
"... In the letter, Carver wrote that the EU actions do not comply with the founding treaties of the EU. He said the structures are disrespectful of the rule of law, because the construction of the structures without the necessary permits is a “manifest violation of law.”

Clearly, he wrote, “EU member states would not allow such behavior within their own borders, nor would the EU endorse or find it anywhere within the European Union. So why would the EU do so outside its borders?” Secondly, he wrote, the buildings contravene the Oslo Accords, which give Israel full administrative responsibility and authority over Area C. “Any building constructed without such permit is illegal, and by endorsing such acts by the Palestinians, the EU is participating in a violation of the Oslo II Agreement,” he wrote.

Finally, Carver added, some of the structures are being built on nature reserves, where construction is forbidden."

"Shadi Othman, a communications officer at the Office of the European Union Representative in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, spoke to the Daily Mail Thursday about the union’s funding the construction of the 400 homes for Palestinians in the West Bank’s Area C, which according to the Oslo Accords remains under Israeli control until a negotiated final agreement.
This is part of the work done to build the future Palestinian state which will live side by side with Israel,” Othman said. “Palestinians have a right to live there, build schools there, have economic development.”

Maja Kocijancic, a Brussels-based EU spokesperson, earlier denied any wrongdoing, insisting that construction had not taken place."

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