måndag 16 februari 2015

Judar dödas igen i Europa

Det är sorgligt men sant, vi lever i en tid när judar blir dödade i Europa bara för att de är judar.
Attacken i Paris följdes av attacken i Köpenhamn. Hur många attacker polisen lyckats förhindra däremellan vet vi inte med säkerhet, men åtminstone en stor attack avslöjades och förhindrades i Belgien.
Nu rapporteras det att hundratals judiska gravstenar vandaliserats i Frankrike.
Det omotiverade hatet mot judarna finns i samhället och tar sig olika uttryck.Samhället, ledare och media måste tydligt ta avstånd och fördöma våldet men hur långt räcker det?
Finns det något mer man kan göra? Finns det överhuvudtaget något man kan göra för att förhindra nya attacker och få slut på judehatet och antisemitismen i dess olika former?

Details of Attack Emerge as Copenhagen Synagogue Security Guard Dan Uzan Hailed as Hero

Something rotten (Jerusalem Post ledare)

Denmark Terror: Making sense of the continuation of European lethal anti-Semitism(Jerusalem Post)
"... What has filled the vacuum since Europe has relegated Nazism to a largely meaningless status, is the rise of Islamic-animated anti-Semitism enabled by an indifferent mainstream public coupled with an aggressive European Left. Anti-Jewish forces have turned Israel into a human punching bag.

Prof. Gerald Steinberg, a political scientist at Bar-Ilan University, told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday, “The repeated and false allegations of Israeli ‘war crimes,’ ‘child killer’ and even ‘genocide’ from political groups under the facade of human rights and humanitarian assistance has certainly contributed to the lethal European anti-Semitism. And many European media platforms and government officials repeat these modern blood libels without bothering to verify the facts or the double standards that are employed.”

A telling example came from Austria on Tuesday. A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office in Linz declared a Turkish man’s call to annihilate the Jewish state and kill Jews merely an expression of “displeasure with Israel.”
In early February, a German court in Wuppertal agreed with the explanation offered by three Palestinians that their torching of the local synagogue was a form of protest against Israel’s Operation Protective Edge to stop Hamas rocket fire. The men received a penalty of 200 hours community service...

... Denmark falls into the top four EU countries in terms of jihadist output for the Syrian war theater. In July, Sheikh Abu Bilal Ismail, a Danish imam, called for the extermination of the Jews at Berlin’s al-Nur mosque in July.

Ismail said it was necessary to “destroy the Zionist Jews...” and to “count them and kill them to the very last one. Don’t spare a single one of them.... Make them suffer terribly.” He returned to Denmark to continue to preach..."

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