måndag 31 oktober 2016

Kristna araber som väljer armétjänstgöring får problem

Kristna araber som väljer att tjänstgöra i armén får ofta problem. De möts av hatfyllda och hotfulla kommentarer när de kommer på permission och de diskrimineras när de återvänder till sin hemort. Ibland attackeras de också fysiskt.

Soldiers under threat: Christian IDF recruits subject to attack (Jerusalem Post)
"The compulsory military draft does not apply to them, but the values they grew up on and the strong desire to integrate into Israeli society has spurred in recent years a growing trend of Christian enlistment in the IDF and other security forces. 

However, their willingness to enlist in the Israeli army and to contribute to the security of the country sometimes exacts from them a heavy price. Christian soldiers sometimes find themselves threatened by their Muslim neighbors and are the recipients of violent attacks. They have learned well the rules of engagement, they are skilled in the use of weapons, however, they struggle to cope with the violence bubbling up in their own backyards, and most of them say that they are afraid to return home in uniform...

...One of the people who was supposed to be interviewed for this article is a senior Christian officer in the IDF who promised to talk about the soldiers' distress and his struggle for them. When he awoke on the morning that the interview was scheduled, he found a Palestinian flag on the door of his home together with a harsh warning. After making sure that an explosive device was not planted in his car, the officer called and asked not to be interviewed. "I'm going to the base for two weeks and am leaving behind a family under threat. I'll forgo the exposure if you don't mind," he said..."

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