tisdag 11 oktober 2016

Två UNESCO resolutioner om Jerusalem till omröstning i oktober

Två UNESCO resolutioner om Jerusalem och Tempelberget som framlagts av palestinierna och som ignorerar judarnas koppling till platsen kommer upp till omröstning i oktober. Den första antagligen redan på torsdag eller fredag.
Det handlar om ett försök att omskriva historien och blunda för judarnas 3000 år långa historia i staden.

UNESCO to vote on resolutions ignoring Jewish ties to Temple Mount (Jerusalem Post)
"...In advance of that vote, Israel’s Mission to UNESCO in Paris, has given board members and international diplomats a brochure detailing the deep historical connections Judaism has to those sites, which are also holy to Christianity and Islam.

“These facts and evidences will leave no doubt, and without undermining other connection of other religions to the holy places in Jerusalem, of the deepest and longest Jewish presence in Jerusalem since ancient times,” Israel’s Ambassador to UNESCO Carmel Shama-Hacohen wrote.

“Every attempt to distort the history and harm the above mentioned relations of the Jewish people and Jerusalem, is an attempt to rewrite the history in a dangerous, unfair and one-sided manner,” he said.

Among the evidence listed in the brochure is a 9th Century BC inscription referring to the House of David, an 8th Century BC seal from King Hezekiah, and a stone etching of the Jewish Menorah from the year 66 AD found in Jerusalem..."

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