torsdag 6 oktober 2016

Två artiklar från Honest Reporting

New York Times Op-Ed Blames Shimon Peres for…Everything
In her op-ed in the New York Times, Palestinian lawmaker Hanan Ashrawi trashes the memory of Shimon Peres, which seems more than a little absurd at time when almost the entire world is commemorating his legacy as a visionary and peacemaker. Yet Ashrawi is entitled to her opinion, as out of touch as it may be. The problem is that she also distorts the facts, and that’s not a matter of opinion.

Double Standards for Aleppo and Gaza
...While there has been some condemnation from the UN, where are the protests on the streets of European capitals and where is the media frenzy about this disgrace?
Had Israel been involved, or had the IDF aimed one solitary munition at Aleppo, I think the response would be much different.

The international community’s condemnation of the Assad regime and Putin’s Russia is nothing compared to the vitriol leveled against Israel for its far more restrained (and completely justified) 2014 operation against Hamas in Gaza...

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