fredag 9 december 2016

Få markbränder var anlagda

Trots att många politiker påstod att en stor del av markbränderna i Israel för en tid sedan var anlagda verkar det som om de flesta bränderna trots allt förorsakades av en kombination oförsiktighet och det torra vädret.
Enligt Jerusalem Post har 58 misstänkta arresterats av polisen men 40 av dem har frigetts.
Det finns ändå motstridiga uppgifter från olika myndigheter.

Despite claims of mass arson, only 3 indictments filed for recent blazes
"...From November 19 to 28, there were approximately 2,600 brush fires and 1,800 urban fires. The overwhelming majority were minor, meaning only one fire truck was needed to extinguish it.

Thirty-nine fires were major, requiring 10 or more fire trucks.

No indictments or announcements of arrests have been made related to the Haifa and Zichron Ya’acov blazes. Although Fire and Rescue Authority Chief Investigator Ran Shelef said that the fires in Zichron Ya’acov near the coast, and near the Halamish settlement in Samaria, were caused by arson, these has been no announcement that suspects have been identified...
...“There is a difference between the Fire Authority investigation and criminal law, and evidence that a specific person lit a fire because of specific reason,” a police source told the Post on Thursday.

“Maybe there are cases that the Fire Authority says that they have evidence of arson, but we cannot say if someone did it.

“Investigations are not like a show on TV,” the source said, when asked why there have been only three indictments.

Police would not say how many of the suspects are detained on suspicion of nationally motivated arson.

“We are only saying if we are able to establish evidence to say someone made a fire happen,” the source said."

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