tisdag 6 december 2016

Fatah video visades elva gånger senaste vecka

Under Fatahs generalkongress senaste vecka hedrade de palestinska myndigheternas TV kanal Fatah genom att elva gånger sända följande musikvideo. (och omvärlden skyller på Israel för att det inte blir fred)

Fatah: “Slice open the enemy’s chest - slice it!” (PMW)
Song on PA TV broadcast 11 times
during Seventh Fatah Conference

The following is an excerpt from the lyrics of the song celebrating Fatah violence that was broadcast 11 times in 6 days on official PA TV, during the Seventh Fatah Conference:

“Shoot the Dashka (machine gun) and the cannon
Let the whole world hear:
The Palestinian will never bow other than to the Lord of the universe...
Eilabun [in 1965] was the first shot [at Israel] and Fatah was responsible
The oath is to free the state from the hands of the Zionists
Long live all the Fatah men
No one prevailed over us
We burst over the borders...
The Fatah man does not take things lightly...
He fires the mortar and the machine gun...
Strike, mortar, strike!
Slice open the enemy’s chest, slice it
I’m a Palestinian and I want my right
My full right...
The difficult way is our way
Bullets! Sing for us!
Bullets! Sing for us
The sound of the rifles gives us joy
Fatah taught me, thank you, Fatah
I have no love other than the love of the rifle.”
[Official PA TV, 11 times from Nov. 29 -Dec. 4 2016,
also broadcast Dec. 31, 2012, daily Jan. 1-5, 2013]

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