tisdag 27 december 2016

UN vote tops Wiesenthal list of top 10 antisemitic, anti-Israel cases

UN vote tops Wiesenthal list of top 10 antisemitic, anti-Israel cases (Jerusalem Post)
- “The most stunning 2016 UN attack on Israel was facilitated by President [Barack] Obama when the US abstained on a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel for settlement construction. It reversed decades-long US policy of vetoing such diplomatic moves against the Jewish State,” wrote the center.

The organization added: "It also urges UN members ‘to distinguish, in their relevant dealings, between the territory of the State of Israel and the territories occupied since 1967,’ effectively endorsing BDS."

- UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn along with former British politician Baroness Jenny Tonge ranked second. 

According to the ranking, “anti-Semitism in the [Labour] party has greatly escalated. Corbyn, who previously called Hamas and Hezbollah his ‘friends,’ also promoted his strategy adviser Seumas Milne, a Hamas proponent.”

-France earned the third spot for “singling out Israel amid a backdrop of devastating and murderous Islamist terrorist attacks, continued targeting of French Jewry and reports of the refusal of some Muslim police officers to guard synagogues, the French government became the first member of the European Union to implement the requirement of labels on all Israeli goods produced beyond the Jewish state’s 1967 borders.” ...

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