fredag 30 december 2016

Hamas firade sin 29-års dag

Hamas Marks Its 29th Anniversary, Reiterating Its Adherence To Armed Struggle To Liberate Palestine From River To Sea (MEMRI)
On December 14, 2016, Hamas marked the 29th anniversary of its founding with rallies, under the banner of "Al-Quds: A Vow and a Promise." Hamas officials who spoke at the rally stressed adherence to jihad, the ongoing armed struggle to liberate all of Palestine from the river to the sea, the ongoing activity to obtain the release of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, and the eventual disappearance of "the Zionist entity." The movement held a military parade in Gaza featuring its weapons and a model of a tunnel. At the parade Hamas activists vowed to "continue working day and night above and below the ground until the occupation is expelled." [1]
The website of Hamas's mouthpiece Al-Risala and Hamas's Al-Aqsa TV marked the occasion by posting an animated film presenting the development of Hamas's violent operations over the years.
The website of the Hamas's military wing, the 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Martyrs Brigades, posted a special report on the movement's weapons manufacturing efforts throughout the years. For the special report, see MEMRI Special Dispatch No.6714, Hamas's Military Wing Marks Organization's 29th Anniversary With Special Report On Its Military Industry, December 19, 2016.
The following are translated excerpts from statements by Hamas officials on the occasion of Hamas's anniversary...

Hamas Official Al-Zahhar: Our Land Stretches From The River To The Sea

At a rally in Khan Yunis attended by tens of thousands of residents, Hamas official Mahmoud Al-Zahhar said: "Our movement adheres to the option of resistance... Resistance using any weapons and all options is a legitimate right that we will utilize, never relinquish, and never surrender to anyone. We will continue to aim our guns at collaborators and traitors, and especially at the Zionist enemy. Our land is all of Palestine from the river to the sea." Al-Zahhar called on the PA, Fatah and the PLO to end security coordination with Israel and "adopt the option of resistance as a plan for liberation."

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