måndag 29 januari 2018

Polen,dödslägren och judehat

Två artiklar som behandlar Polen, nazisterna och judarna och judehat från olika synvinklar.

Lahav Harkov tweetade "Polish death camps" och fick många att reagera:

I am, apparently, an enemy of the Polish people.

I am a prime example of that treacherous lying Jewish media with its tentacles wrapped around the earth, or something not-at-all-antisemitic like that. I am the reason Jews are killed and thrown out of every country they try to live in around the world. I am to blame for the Holocaust, and it’s too bad I was born. I am also a c*** and a bitch who’s asking to be raped, and who deserves to be sent photos of strangers’ genitals. And I’m stupid. Oh so stupid. A real idiot who’s never read a book.
Or so thousands of Polish people told me on social media since Saturday night.

Even Poland’s Deputy Minister of Justice Patryk Jaki piled on, labeling me “Israeli media” – at least that one is true – and telling his followers to come after me.

All because of one tweet. One tweet in which I wrote the phrase “Polish death camps” 14 times.

But the newly-approved Polish bill that sparked my tweet didn’t just ban the phrase “Polish death camps” like the headlines say. It outlaws any mention of Polish complicity in the Nazi atrocities, and the offense carries a prison sentence of three years.

Here are some facts about Poland and the Holocaust: Half of the Jews murdered in the Holocaust, about 3 million, were Polish. Over 90% of Poland’s Jewish population was slaughtered in the Holocaust. You don’t get to numbers like that without cooperation. In 1941, Poles in the Jedwabne started a pogrom, and locked Jews in a wooden barn that they set on fire. After the war ended, another pogrom against Jewish refugees took place in Kielce, which is only one of about a dozen cases of postwar violence against Polish Jews sparked by blood libels. Stories abound about Jews who tried to return to their homes in Poland only to be threatened or murdered by their former neighbors – including some people who I know personally.

At the same time, yes, over 6,000 Poles have been recognized by Yad Vashem as Righteous Among the Nations, and hundreds were killed by the Nazis for helping Jews. Yes, the Polish government in exile helped expose Nazi concentration camps to the world. And yes, 1.9 million non-Jewish Polish civilians were killed by the Nazis and others in combat – but not the equivalent six million that many of my new Twitter buddies claimed.


Historical truths are a good start, and the truth is that Poland was one of the countries that sent large numbers of men and women to resist the Nazis.

The proposed law may be misguided and a bad way to go about dealing with history, but Poland is right: It is not responsible for the Holocaust and the Polish people resisted Nazism valiantly, more so than many other countries that ran to collaborate.

Poland is right to be angry when it is made to appear that Poles were somehow responsible for the Shoah. Unlike most other countries occupied by Germany during the war, Poland did not provide a ready recruitment base for Nazi collaboration. For instance, the Waffen-SS recruited local units in Albania, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Latvia, Norway, Romania, Sweden and other countries. It didn’t find recruits among Poles.

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