torsdag 25 januari 2018

Turkiets militära närvaro i Mellanöstern

Turkiet med sin instabila ledare Erdogan är militärt närvarande i Syrien, Irak, Somalia och Qatar. Turkiet påstås också blanda sig situationen i Libanon och Sinai i Egypten.
Så kallade moderata arabstater som Egypten och Saudiarabien är oroade över Turkiets inblandning i arabvärlden.
Frågan är vad Erdogan är beredd att göra för att återupprätta det ottomanska rikets storhet.

Turkey’s Expansionist Military Policies in the Middle East (Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs)
Turkey’s projection of its military presence in the Middle East has become a source of worry to the “moderate” Arab states and specifically to Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

There are Turkish forces deep inside Syrian and Iraqi territory. 

Turkey’s military intelligence had been blamed by Egyptian authorities for being involved in the Sinai insurgency, siding with the Islamists, while Lebanese sources have mentioned the activities of Turkish agents in destabilizing Lebanon.

In 2014, Turkey deployed a 4,000-strong military contingent in Qatar.

In 2018, Turkey completed constructing a $50 million training base in the Somalian capital of Mogadishu to be run by the Turks for 5,000-10,000 recruits from Somalia and other African countries.

Moreover, the Sudanese government agreed to lease the port of Suakin, along the Red Sea shore, to Turkey for restoration as a major military and civilian port. Suakin was once the naval headquarters of the Ottoman fleet in the Red Sea. 

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