torsdag 11 januari 2018

Så behandlar palestinierna dem som inte dansar efter deras pipa

Special Report (PMW)
The PA mocks US President Trump, demonizes US, and rejects US aid, in official PA and Fatah statements and cartoons 

“The rubbish of the American president isn’t worth the urine of one
Jerusalem child” (Abbas’ advisor)

• Trump is a “rich adolescent,” “the irrelevant clown,” “a scoundrel,”
“this crazy man,” “the American Shylock,” “an ignoramus,” “isn’t
worth a woman’s shoe,” “stupid,” “the enemy of justice , freedom,
and peace … the enemy of the world” (PA and Fatah)

• “We are not bought with your dollars, and we are not bought with
your aid. From the outset, you did not give us aid because of our
beautiful eyes… [but] out of your interests and calculations. So stop
this aid.’ (Abbas’ advisor)

• “What has come from the Americans in the years that have passed.
Nothing at all.” (Deputy Chairman of Fatah)

• “Everyone needs to put a picture of Trump with a donkey on his
head – let them burn him and hang him. We need to see [a picture
of] Trump on every street and step on it…” (Senior Fatah official)

• The world “stuck its tongue out at Trump [saying] ‘We are not
bought with your dollars’” (Abbas’ advisor)

• PA mocks countries that voted with US at the UN: “Palau, Malau,
Micronesia - states that no one has heard of! … Micro-nesia, micro,
small. Someone wrote: ‘I thought that was the name of an
antibiotic.’” (Abbas’ advisor)

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