tisdag 20 februari 2018

Abbas talade inför Säkerhetsrådet

Mahmoud Abbas har idag talat inför FN:säkerhetsråd.Han kom inte med något nytt. Upprepade sina klagomål på Israel och USA. Upprepade sin krav för att komma till förhandlingar: Israel måste upphöra att bygga i bosättningarna, nu med tillägget att USA måste ta tillbaka sitt erkännande av Jerusalem som Israels huvudstad.
Abbas vill också ha en internationell konferens för att behandla konflikten.
Ja, och så har palestinierna en 5000 år lång historia i landet Palestina ifall ni inte visste det...!
Det verkar nog allt mer som om Abbas har spelat ut sin roll. Han har inget att bidra med vare sig på hemmaplan eller internationellt.

At UN, Abbas urges multilateral peace effort, lays out plan for talks

Israeliska politiker har reagerat negativt på talet.

Ministers rip into Abbas, accuse him of distorting history
“We have been committed to fostering a culture of peace, rejection of violence,” said Abbas, adding that he would intensify efforts to secure full UN recognition.

“Dr. Abbas and Mr. Abu Mazen, we all know who you are,” Liberman tweeted. “With one hand you pay salaries to terrorists who strike at Israel, and their families, and with the other hand you ask the United Nations for recognition.”

Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home), meanwhile, accused Abbas of distorting the Palestinians’ history.
In his speech, Abbas had said, “We are the descendants of the Canaanites that lived in the land of Palestine 5,000 years ago and continuously remained there to this day.”

“A nation inventing its past has no future,” said Bennett. “The Palestinians’ ancestors may have existed 5,000 years ago, but further south, on the Arab peninsula. I suggest Abbas focus not on building an imaginary past, but rather on creating a practical future.”

From the opposition, Yesh Atid head Yair Lapid accused Abbas of inflating the number of Palestinian refugees, which he had put at 13 million.

“Abu Mazen’s [Abbas] words about refugees in the UN are a baldfaced lie,” Lapid wrote on Twitter. “It doesn’t make sense that the world allows the Palestinians to be the only people in the world whose refugee status is handed down as an inheritance.”

“There are not millions of Palestinian refugees and there never were. Israel will never agree to the right of return,” added Lapid.

However, not all  Israeli politicians criticized the speech. Zehava Galon, chairwoman of the left-wing Meretz party, praised Abbas’s suggestion of an international peace conference,

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