tisdag 22 april 2014

De palestinska ledarna har byggt en fälla de inte kan komma ur (ifall de överhuvudtaget vill)

Ett exempel på hur långt från ett normalt samhälle det palestinska samhället är får man när man läser vilket uppror och hat det väckte när en palestinsk minister yttrade några ord som kunde tolkas som ett fördömande av mord på judar.
De palestinska ledarna har sig själv att skylla: När man dag efter dag hedrar mördare som hjältar kan man inte plötsligt komma och säga att det är fel att mörda judar.

Khaled Abu Toameh rapporterar:
"We reject all forms of violence... Palestinian blood is like Israeli blood. It is human blood and precious and no one wants anyone killed." — Mahmoud al-Habbash, Palestinian Minister of Religious Affairs

"If your blood is like the blood of Zionists, our blood is not." — Zakariya Zubeidi, former leader of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade.

"We call for lifting his [al-Habbash's] diplomatic immunity and for prosecuting him immediately for his administrative, financial, and political corruption. We also call on President Abbas to fire him immediately from the Palestinian cabinet." — Mansour al-Sa'di, Fatah leader.

The angry reactions show that there are many Palestinians who see no problem with a terrorist attack against a Jewish family. Palestinian leaders can blame only themselves..."

"While the Palestinian Authority is calling on the international community to punish Israel for imprisoning Palestinians, its own security forces continue to hold hundreds, if not thousands, of Palestinians in prison, some tortured, some without trial.
This year alone, the Palestinian Authority has arrested 357 Palestinians accused of security/political offenses, 42 of whom are university students.
Of course, the arrests continue to be ignored by the mainstream media in the West. This is a story that does not reflect negatively on Israel, so is therefore not considered worthy of being reported to Western audiences..."

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