måndag 17 augusti 2015

Danny Danon Israels nya FN-ambassadör

Två artiklar som presenterar Danny Danon och försöker förklara varför Netanyahu utsett honom till Israels nya FN-ambassadör.

Danny Danon appointment shows what Netanyahu thinks of UN 

Analysis: The rise of Danny Danon – from little pisher to the Big Apple
"If Danon is the Likud’s troublemaker, Netanyahu wants to sic him on the UN and have him wreak a little havoc over there among Israel’s enemies. Netanyahu’s associates said the prime minister learned to respect Danon’s chutzpah and thinks it could help Israel in the hardest of international arenas.

So Danon is off to the Big Apple, in part because he was not afraid to show Israelis and the world that he is not a little pisher.  "

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