tisdag 18 augusti 2015

Letter to UN on series of attacks against Israelis

Following the series of terror attacks during the past week, Ambassador Prosor told the UN: "We are witnessing a disturbing new pattern in which those seeking to murder Israelis take advantage of their humanity."

Knife used in one of the recent terror attacks
  Knife used in one of the recent terror attacks
Copyright: Israel Police
Israel Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor sent the following letter to the UN Secretary General and the Security Council:

Today, a Palestinian terrorist approached Israeli security forces south of Nablus and told them that he was not feeling well and asked for water. When they invited him to approach, he drew a knife and stabbed one of the soldiers.

Just two days ago, a Palestinian man approached an Israeli soldier and asked him for some water. When the soldier turned to get him some, the terrorist assaulted him with a knife. Later that same day, another Palestinian stabbed an Israeli border policeman in the back during a routine security check.

Such attacks are becoming part of a disturbing new pattern in which those seeking to murder Israelis take advantage of their humanity. On June 19th of this year, I wrote to you about a Palestinian man who shot two 25 year old Israeli civilians at close range, killing one of them. The terrorist attracted the attention of his victims by asking for their assistance. He then pulled a gun out of his bag and shot the two in cold blood.

Attacks of this kind are especially outrageous because they take advantage of a person's natural desire to help their fellow man in their time of need, in order to kill him. These are acts that no decent person would tolerate.

This type of attack is also especially dangerous. Not only do such attacks pose a grave threat for Israelis, they may well harm those Palestinians who are genuine in need of assistance.

We have also recently learned that Ahmad Najar, the man who initiated and planned the murder of Malachi Rosenfeld on June 29th of this year, used the money paid to him by the PA to purchase the weapon that was used in the attack, and to train those who executed it. These funds were paid to the terrorist for the time he served in an Israeli jail for the crime of murdering six Israelis in 2004.

Once again, the Palestinian leadership is failing to take responsibility. Not only do they refuse to condemn these attacks, but they also fund people who serve time in prison for carrying them out.

I call on the Security Council to unequivocally condemn this latest series of terror attacks in a clear voice. I ask you to publicly call on the Palestinian Authority to condemn those responsible for these attacks, and to do everything in their power to prevent future attacks.

A timely and clear statement by the Security Council is crucial to prevent further deterioration and further suffering."

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