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Iranavtalet ännu en gång

Några röster om Iranavtalet:

Michael Oren, tidigare Israels ambassadör i USA: Avtalet kommer att vara ett hot mot våra familjer, israeliska och amerikanska, ett hot mot den kommande generationen.
 "Supporters of the Iranian nuclear deal appear to have achieved a Congressional victory. But before casting their fateful vote, they need to hear one more voice — the voice of my Israeli grandchildren. One of them is a precocious toddler named Ariel, and the other is Romi, an azure-eyed girl born last January. This is what the Iran nuclear deal means for them: 
 Ariel and Romi face 100,000 rockets — more than possessed by all of NATO — supplied by Iran to Hezbollah. Currently, many of these rockets can be intercepted by Iron Dome, the Israeli-designed and American-financed anti-ballistic system. But Iran wants to upgrade Hezbollah’s rockets into guided missiles capable of eluding Iron Dome and striking our military bases, electrical grids, and airport. Only the sanctions have prevented Iran from funding the upgrade. But since the nuclear deal fails to compel Iran to cease threatening to destroy Israel, the hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions relief can help Hezbollah realize that goal. Before they are old enough to sprint, Ariel and Romi may well be rushed by their parents into shelters while missiles paralyze their state..." 

Irans försvarsminister  Hossein Dehghan: Idag har Iran uppnått en sådan status att supermakterna har kapitulerat för oss...
 “Today, Iran has attained such status that the superpowers have surrendered to it, because of its majesty, its steadfastness, its resistance and its unity.

“Despite their great pride, the regime of the arrogance [the West, led by the US] sat humbly behind the negotiating table and obeyed the rights of the Iranian nation,” Dehghan went on...

Irans högste ledare Ali Khameneis webbsida:
 “Those who leveled sanctions against us yesterday are dying today, because Iran has become the region’s foremost military power. The Islamic Republic of Iran has proven that it works diligently to defend itself. The entire nation unites as a solid fist, standing fast against the aggressors who lack all reason.”

 Caroline B. Glick:
Column One: A glorious defeat
" Sometimes you have to fight battles you cannot win because fighting – regardless of the outcome – advances a larger cause.

Israel’s fight against the nuclear deal the major powers, led by US President Barack Obama concluded with Iran was such a battle."

 "So if the fight against the deal was doomed to fail, why did the Israeli government decide to fight it for all it was worth? And why is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu still fighting it even though there is no longer any way to stop Obama from enabling Iran to sprint across the nuclear finish line? By fighting Obama’s nuclear deal, Israel seeks to advance two larger efforts. First, it uses the battle to expand its capacity to act without the US to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Second, it is shaping its relations with the US both for the duration of Obama’s presidency and for the day after he leaves office."

 "The Americans weren’t the only ones paying attention to Israel’s fight. Israel’s Arab neighbors also saw how Netanyahu and Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer left no stone unturned in their efforts to convince Democratic lawmakers to oppose it. And the regional implications are already becoming clear.

As the Saudis’ willingness to stand with Israel in public to oppose this deal has shown, our neighbors have been deeply impressed by the diplomatic courage Israel has shown. If and when Israel strikes Iran’s nuclear installations, our willingness to openly oppose the administration will weigh in our favor. It will impact our neighbors’ willingness to cooperate in action aimed at removing Iran’s nuclear sword from their necks and ours."

Olli Heinonen :

“The key question is: will the IAEA be present during the sample-taking or not?” Heinonen wondered. “It looks to me that they might be witnessing the sample-taking through some camera view, or from a distance. If that’s really the case I have a lot of reservations about the reasonability and credibility of the arrangements.”
Heinonen — who worked for the IAEA for nearly three decades and headed the agency’s Department of Safeguards — explained that taking samples at a site suspected of having hosted illicit nuclear activity is no simple feat.

Alan Dershowitz:

Alan Dershowitz on Iran Nuclear Deal: ‘I’m Furious With President Obama’
 Long-time Democrat, Israel defender and famed law professor Alan Dershowitz told a synagogue audience on Saturday night that he was “furious” with President Obama over the Iran nuclear deal.
  Dershowitz implied he had been betrayed by the president he had formerly championed.
He recounted being invited to the Oval Office before Obama’s reelection in 2012, where the president had committed to being vigilant on the Iranian nuclear issue. Obama has now crossed many of his own red lines, said Dershowitz, who backed Obama in two elections.

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