fredag 11 september 2015

Netanyahu - bättre än sitt rykte

Premiärminister Netanyahu får ofta ta emot hård kritik både från utlandet och i Israel. Det kan därför vara intressant att läsa Alan Dershowitz beskrivning av Netanyahu.

Dershowitz's personal view from America on Benjamin Netanyahu  (Jerusalem Post)
" I have known Benjamin Netanyahu for more than 40 years, having first met him when he was a student in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

When I read the Israeli criticism of the prime minister, I do not recognize the Bibi I know (by the way I still call him Mr. Prime Minister when he is in office).

Viewing him from a distance, and never taking sides on Israel’s domestic politics, I see a warm, intellectually curious and deeply principled man, with a good sense of humor and a never ending quest to protect the Jewish people from external enemies. Yes, I also see one tough Jew, but his toughness is reflected by the Israeli metaphor of the Sabra – prickly on the outside, sweet on the inside..."

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