söndag 27 september 2015

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Israel en av världens mest levande demokratier 

Man får tyvärr konstatera att Israel nästan endast nämns i svensk media när det rapporteras om den arabisk-israeliska konflikten.
En artikel av Isaac Bachman,Israels ambassadör i Sverige

Jerusalem Post Editorial: UN bias 

Jerusalem Post:
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas vowed to prevent Jews from “defiling Al-Aksa Mosque with their filthy feet.” Was there no-nonsense condemnation of such incitement from the UN? Not a hint thereof.
The UN never ceases to blow our minds although the organization’s barefaced bias shouldn’t surprise any reasonable Israeli...

...The UN Security Council for instance managed in one outlandish statement to ignore the in-your-face aggression by Muslims on the Temple Mount while inter alia also expunging all trace of Jewish links to Judaism’s holiest site.
It was a fantastic feat of obliterating the truth and propping up the lie.
To begin with, there was no mention of the term Temple Mount, thus in effect wiping out 3,000 years of Jewish history (to say nothing of the derivative Christian historiography).
All that was mentioned was the subsequent superimposed Arabic Haram al-Sharif (Noble Compound).
Repeatedly, that was the one and only appellation used for the site...

...The subtext is clear – Muslim rights “to worship in peace” are being violated and the villain of the piece is Israel. Moreover, the evidence in plain sight of Muslims turning Al-Aksa Mosque into an arsenal of rocks and other projectiles, as well as hoarding pipe bombs and incendiary devices there, is studiously ignored.
Why would “peaceful worshipers” stockpile weaponry and in a holy site at that? The intent is surely nothing if not belligerent.
Predictably, this goes apparently unnoticed at the Security Council, where fanatical hostility is defined as Muslim “freedom of worship.”


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