fredag 23 oktober 2015

PA och Fatah ljuger för att öka hatet mot judarna

Fatah och de palestinska myndigheterna påstår att Israel fabricerar nyheterna om knivattacker för att kunna döda palestinier. På det här sätt ökar man hatet mot Israel och uppmuntrar därmed till nya attacker.

Official PA TV host 1: “Yesterday [Oct. 12, 2015] was a sad and bloody day in occupied Jerusalem: 3 Martyrs were executed [by Israel] in cold blood (i.e., terrorists who murdered 3). The photos and videos posted by activists on social media showed the cruelty and racism of the occupation as it deals with [Palestinian] residents of Jerusalem. The pretext is ready [in advance], the Israeli media is ready [in advance], and the Israeli version, security-wise and politically, is ready [in advance]: a stabbing attempt... When the settler, the policeman, and the border policeman may suspect that they are trying to carry out a specific action, the shooting and the Israeli version are ready [in advance].”
Official PA TV host 2: “These are executions of [Arab] citizens. The Arab is constantly exposed to cold-blooded murder for no reason, only because he is an Arab resident of Jerusalem...”
Official PA TV host 1:“The Israeli version is always fabricated and false...”
Official PA TV host 2: “Yesterday it was clear in one of the videos. After the assassination of one of the Martyrs, they [the Israelis] asked about the knife: "Where is the knife?" There was a settler who pulled out a knife. They [the Israelis] have the knives ready in case they target someone. They have the knives ready.”
[Official PA TV, Oct. 13, 2015

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