måndag 29 februari 2016

Många palestinier motsätter sig barnterrorister

I intervjuer som palestinska Awdah TV (Fatah) gjort bland människor på gatorna motsätter sig de flesta att barn utför terroroperationer. Många av de intervjuade anklagade TV och sociala media för att uppvigla till våldshandlingar.
En del av dem som motsatte sig att barn utför attacker gjorde det för att de ansåg att attackerna var ineffektiva men de flesta för att de ansåg att barn inte skall delta i våldshandlingar.

Interviewed Palestinians oppose child terrorism and blame TV for inciting (PMW)
The following is the transcript of the broadcast:

Fatah-run Awdah TV host: "What is required of children during the process of national liberation?"

Palestinian 1: "First of all, the children are victims... The children are deprived of everything considered children's entertainment. Our children, unfortunately, their entertainment is the weapon..."

Palestinian 2: "Our children are required, like the adults, to resist with every means they: with knives, with rocks, with Molotov cocktails, in every way they can resist, they also need to resist..."

Palestinian teacher: "As a teacher, I believe that you need to sow love of knowledge in a child, that is most important. That he should go and fight while still a child - I am totally against that..."

Palestinian 3: "These things are not for children. The children need to learn and live their lives, to go to school, to play..."

Palestinian 4: "I am against children's stabbing operations..."

Palestinian 5: "Stabbing operations by children are negative operations, because they don't bring significant results, they aren't organized. There's nothing positive about it, only negative - that we lose a child..."

Palestinian 6: "As we see and hear - most of the stabbings taking place are very weak, and they do almost nothing to change reality..."

Fatah-run Awdah TV host: "Do you think that the media and incitement on TV influence our children?"

Palestinian 7: "Of course. It confuses the children when they see these things. I prevent my children from watching what is happening on TV, stabbing operations or shootings. I prevent my children from watching. It confuses them, causes them to want to do this..."

Palestinian 8: "What is happening today in the media has a negative influence. It doesn't tell them 'No.' It encourages them to take to the streets..."

Palestinian teacher:"I think that the media plays a large role. Especially our TV channels. Even when the situation has calmed down a little, you see that there are broadcasters among us and known satellite channels that begin to incite. Even if the incitement is indirect, it is incitement. You feel that the child does not know what to do. Unfortunately..."

Fatah-run Awdah TV host: "Enough with this incitement on TV screens, on [Facebook] pages and social media. We must protect our children and must develop a strategy of struggle built on responsibility... enough spilling the blood of our children."

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