måndag 26 november 2012

Kristna i Mellanöstern talar ut om muslimsk förföljelse

Kristna har det inte lätt i många arabländer och de förföljs också i många andra muslimska stater.
Läs här en rapport från en paneldiskussion om ämnet vid Menachem Begin Heritage Center i Jerusalem :
"...The panel included Raymond Ibrahim, the son of a family of Egyptian Coptic Christians who grew up in the United States. Ibrahim is a senior fellow at the Middle East Forum and has advised several US government security and defense agencies on regional history and policy.

“Islam is very hostile to all non-Muslims, but they name two specific groups, Jews and Christians,” Ibrahim stated. He explained that there were many prominent examples of this hostility down through history, and that much of this history has been written down by Islam’s most prestigious scholars with pride and not remorse.

He also explained that this violent ideology is not an aberration or a mistake, but is derived directly from the Koran itself. He added that historic accounts of Muslims burning churches and the forced conversions of Christian and Jewish communities through terror and threats are continuing into the present day in numerous countries around the world, including Indonesia, Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan and many others that “have nothing in common except Islam...”


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