tisdag 18 december 2012

Israels rättigheter och palestiniernas mänskliga rättigheter

För några veckor sedan hade European Coalition for Israel sin nionde strategikonferens i Bryssel.
Här kan man läsa Andrew Tuckers  tal där han briljant försvarar Israel och dess rättigheter under internationell lag:
ECI Conference – Brussels, 15th November 2012Comments by Andrew Tucker, Brussels Director, European Coalition for Israel

Calev Myers presenterade en rapport om de palestinska myndigheternas brott mot mänskliga rättigheter.
Myers tal kan läsas här.
Rapporten om de mänskliga rättigheterna kan läsas här:

Eftersom EU är en av de stora bidragsgivarna till de palestinska myndigheterna och EU kräver att bidragsmottagarna respekterar mänskliga rättigheter är det viktigt att brott mot mänskliga rättigheter uppmärksammas och att EU övervakar att bidrag inte missbrukas.

Citat från Myers tal:
Based on concrete research that we have recently
conducted, it would be safe to say that between the
signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993 until today, the
amount of international aid donated to the Palestinian
Authority is 25 times per capita the amount of aid granted
by the USA to Europe, under the Marshall Plan for the
reconstruction and economic recovery of Europe after
World War II...

...Unlike the Marshall
Plan, this money did not go to modernize Palestinian
industrial and business practices using high-efficiency
Western models, in order to create a sustainable
economy and a sense of hope and self-reliance.
In fact, the absolute opposite results have been
Because of the lack of effective monitoring
mechanisms, huge amounts of this funding have (1) gone
into the personal bank accounts of Palestinian leaders, (2)
have been used to purchase stockpiles of weapons, (3)
have been used to pay salaries of security personnel in a
bloated and inefficient security agency, and lastly it has
been directly invested into education programs which
indoctrinate the next generation of Palestinians with
hatred, racism and anti-Semitism...

...The fact that billions of Euros of European aid over the
last two decades has not been used to eradicate
Palestinian poverty, or to create a sustainable
economy is a huge shame. But the fact that so much
money has gone to support a regime with little to no
regard for human rights and human life is a catastrophe.

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