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Ma'an News Agency understöds av Europa och tillåter antisemitism (uppdaterad)

En antisemitisk artikel publicerad på Ma'an News Agency arabiska webbsida  har noterats av Palestinian Media Watch.Artikeln är skriven av Sawsan Najib Abd Al-Halim och rubriken är "Israel darrar".Antisemitism är vanligt i den arabiska världen och bland palestinierna men det som gör saken värre är att Ma'an News Agency understöds av bl.a.The European Commission ( EU), UNDP, UNESCO,  Danmark, Nederländerna, UKaid.
Artikeln lades upp den 18 november 2012 och fanns kvar ännu 29 januari 2013.Artikeln finns inte på den engelskspråkiga webbsidan.
Sammarbetspartners till Ma'an News Agency
"[Judarna] känner sig underlägsna de folk och samhällen där de bor, på grund av den  fientlighet och ondska som växer i deras hjärtan mot andra... ...nationerna vet med säkerhet att judarna är roten till konflikter i världen, oavsett var de bor. " 

"[Judar är] utstötta i varje hörn av världen, och inte en nation i världen respekterar dem ... men Allahs förbannelse över dem och hans vrede över dem får dem att fortsätta med sina överträdelser." 

"Allah har satt rädsla i deras hjärtan och bestämt förödmjukelse och förnedring för dem fram till domedagen"

 "Israel is Trembling"
by Sawsan Najib Abd Al-Halim
  "We're used to seeing vampires in Dracula movies, where the murderer and the vampire act in the dead of night, and as soon as dawn breaks, the murderer disappears and hides during the day.
The brave warrior, who at the very least has moral values, fights in the daytime. In all wars, in all eras, honorable nations conducted their battles during the day and slept at night. But has Israel even a trace of morality?
A brave warrior is proud when he confronts another [warrior] as brave as he, and the more he is struck, the stronger he grows, proud in his struggle and respectful of his adversary. But since Jews are - as our grandparents said of them - sons of death (expression of contempt, meaning 'a coward,' -Ed.), they are too cowardly to confront an enemy face to face, especially if their enemy is as well armed as they...

... Therefore, the only way we can deal with them, when we are weak militarily compared to Israel's power, is to stick to the threat to annihilate Israel, not to submit to its [Israel's] desire for a cease fire, and keep the flame of resistance burning. Rather than [violently] resist and then back off somewhat, whereby we give them the impression that we are afraid of them. There is nothing wrong with our sitting with them to talk, but the resistance must always continue. Late President Yasser Arafat, peace be upon him, understood the Jews' weakness, so he showed them the face of peace in negotiations, and at the same time raised the slogan 'Every day a settler.' This is the slogan that terrorized the Jews, and which many Palestinians have forgotten. They may have forgotten why the comrade-fighter Marwan Barghouti was arrested. Wasn't it because he was the one given the job to fulfill this slogan? (Marwan Barghouti is serving 5 life sentences for orchestrating terror attacks against Israeli civilians. -Ed.)

Let us again be united in the message against the Jews and turn the weapons against them..."
Läs hela artikeln här. 

Ma’an removes Antisemitic article following PMW's exposure 
Tre timmar efter att PMW uppmärksammade artikeln "Israel is Trembling" tog Ma'an News Agency bort inlägget från webbsidan med följande kommentar:
 "'Israel is Trembling!' - This item has been deleted"
by: The Administration

"This article has been removed.
It was written by one of the [news] agency's readers, Sawsan Najib Abd Al-Halim, and not by one of Ma'an's journalists, writers or editors.
[The article has been removed] because it contains incorrect information and hateful content that are unjustified and which do not in any way represent the opinion of Ma'an or its editorial policies. It was published during the war against Gaza (i.e., in response to Hamas rockets, Israel's Operation Pillar of Defense targeted the terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip), and [Ma'an's] staff was unable to examine it thoroughly because of the workload caused by the war. [The article] was published in the articles' section intended for [submissions by] readers.
However, Ma'an will re-examine the policy of publishing readers' articles to avoid the occurrence of similar mistakes."
[Ma'an News Agency's website,
posted Jan. 30, 2013, accessed Jan. 30, 2013]

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