måndag 14 januari 2013

Mindre roligt snöbollskrig

Palestinian kids hits Israelis with snowballs

Video shows Palestinian youth attacking ultra-Orthodox Jews with snowballs in Jerusalem (Haaretz)
"A YouTube video uploaded on Saturday depicts a group of Palestinian teenagers attacking two ultra-Orthodox young men dressed in traditional garb with snowballs by Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.
The video, which has nearly 30,000 views, shows the Palestinian teenagers pelting the men with snowballs from very close range while screaming "Allah hu Akbar ("God is great") in a clear attempt to harass and humiliate the two passersby...
...Some comments and statues on the web said the incident reminded them of pre-WWII Eastern Europe. "My grandmother used to tell me how the Poles used to harass Jews like this. The thing is, this is Jerusalem 2013... "

Nine arrested for snowball fight against haredim
 "Police arrested nine Arabs from east Jerusalem over the past week in connection with a snowball attack against two haredim during the snowstorm a week and a half ago."

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