torsdag 24 januari 2013

Vem är Yair Lapid?

Yair Lapid är ledare för Israels näst största parti Yesh Atid som är ett nytt parti.Han kommer antagligen att få en framträdande roll i den nya regeringen, det talas till och med om att han kunde bli utrikesminister.
Herb Keinon försöker i en analys i Jerusalem Post berätta lite om vem Yair Lapid är och vad han står för.
Analysis: Lapid: A presentable face to the world?
"... On diplomatic/security issues Lapid is no hawk. He is a pragmatic moderate to the left of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his party who is very much representative of the Israeli middle and sensitive to the need for international support...
... Those searching the Web, however, should not be fooled by Lapid’s moderation. While no hawk, he is not Meretz either. In October he said that Israel “must get rid of the Palestinians and put a fence between us,” adding that “there will be no ‘new Middle East,’ but at least there will not be three million Palestinians in Israeli territory.”
Lapid also chose in October to give a foreign policy speech in Ariel, doing so to both distance himself from the Left and illustrate his support for the settlement blocs.
“There is no map on which Ariel is not a part of the State of Israel,” he said. “You don’t come to negotiations only with an olive branch, the way the Left does, or only with a gun, the way the Right does. You come to find a solution. We’re not looking for a happy marriage with the Palestinians, but for a divorce agreement we can live with.”
Lapid backs Ariel, supports Israel’s retention of the major settlement blocs and is opposed to the division of Jerusalem, saying the capital represents the country’s ethos, the reason the Jewish people is here – again, positions that place him very much in the heart of the Israeli consensus..."

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